Sustainable Development

              AST group realizes that enhancing organization strength alone will not enable it to achieve its vision to be a part of success for our customers. We can only be achieved through enhancement of every society where it operates.

Sustainable Growth Strategy

Driver Health Policy

              AST recognizes the importance of employee heath in the prevention of accidents and decreased as to operate obstruction. We shall intentionally to support and maintain employee health policy by doing the following.

                           To defined a schedule master plan as to employee health and some random.
                           Provide training, work instruction, audit and broadcast importance information to
                           support good health and sanitation.

Drugs & Alcohol Policy

              AST will support any project that its businesses establishing and implementing their own Drugs and Alcohol program.

                           The Company supports projects related to certification of all types of storage and alcohol.
                           he Company is committed to providing its employees with substance abuse treatment
                           for their own, with a prescription from the physician for use as a prescription drug.
                           Especially, all types of drivers or drivers. Employees working near machinery do not
                           drink alcohol.
                           Customer and Company Locations Do not drink alcohol.
                           Punish employees who violate any policies or requirements. Of the law relating to narcotic
                           substance And high alcohol and decisively.

Photo credit: Asia Steel Transport (1999) Co., Ltd,