AST basestation having facilities for truck maintenance, consumable store, cleaning station and houses living quarter for all truck drivers. This is necessary for AST to provide the excellent service that satisfactory to AST clients

1995 : Established Name: Three Service Ltd, Part. Registered Capital: 1,100,000 Baht Core Business: Land transportation by trucks and trailers service to provide the service about unloading all over the country (Thailand), and including the service about renting the crane.

1999 : Asia Steel Transport (1999) Co., Ltd. Registered Capital: 15,000,000 Baht The Three Service Ltd., Part. Company has expanded the unloading business and registered to set up the company on behalf of Asia Steel Transport (1999) Co., Ltd

and still same as core business, and we have more experience about the transportation, any factory structure transportation, Steel products transportation, Port transportation, and including the containers both in and out.

2004 : Eastern Logistics Co., Ltd. Capital 15,000,000 Baht, Assimilate to our core transport business.

2010 : The special technical with knowledge is a part of power and to be more and more important for helping our customers for reducing cost, add value, safety, and WIN-WIN concept, on time transport and have good relationship, and standard of the out-source management via ISO. And so on.

Asia Steel Transport (1999) Co., Ltd. Group has been realized about the importance of our customers like to be the products of the company. Today, We are ready to service our customers all the time.

2012 : Asia Supply (2555) Co., Ltd. Capital Registry: 3,000,000 Baht. Established to manage and organized procurement all consumable materials, rubber tyre, Fuel & Lubrication oil, spare parts to our AST group including warehouse and yards rental.

2013 : AST receive an valuable/significant award the Logistic Services Contract “ by NS BlueScope (Thailand) Limited. for inland transportation, nationwide and including crossing border line, to provide Trucks and Trailers carrying steel coils, structure steel and finished products.

              AST Group acquest a land of 33 Rai. (53,000 Sq.m) located adjacent to AST head quarter location. This is to expand our business to be an integration of Truck Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution at one stop service under AST.

Photo credit: Asia Steel Transport (1999) Co., Ltd,