Our huge capacity

The our coils storage for convenience of customers



Integrated Warehouse and Truck Transportation

ASTWarehouse – a new warehouse location is close up to our truck base, It is good to be an external warehouse solution to steel production plants, importers and trading companies

In order to create a choice of Stock yards and/or Distribution warehouse for steel products as one stop services – in one place

Highlight of the services

  1. Material handling equipment – Overhead crane is designed for Coils handling that can be safe for cargo and its package.
  2. Finish product warehouse is prudent and visible on the main road where many management people and traffic passing by.
  3. Warehouse Management System (WMS) and software are created for Cargo locating plan and track able with reliable and accuracy.
  4. Warehouse location is near Map Ta Phut port (16 km. off) and near steel plants in Rayong Province.
  5. AST are committed to organize and action in reliable operation, safety and industrial relations practices to maintain a potential solution as a good supply chain activity

Finally, AST would welcome the opportunity to discuss any aspect of this proposal in details in due course. We would expect that follow up negotiation and clarification any points and comment that may be required to make this proposal come to be of your supporting facilities



AST Warehouse Location

( latitude: 12.75506, longitude: 101.1875074 )

Distance to Ports : Map Ta Phut 16 km, IRPC 21 km, Sattahip 42 km, Laem Chabang 65 km

Distance to : Eastern Seaboard/Pluang Daeng 50 km : Amata City (Chon buri) 105 km

AST Warehouse 2 units

To share/increase products loading and distribution capacity and improve loading/unloading time, Reduce Driver waiting time and increase the rest time of drivers.

AST invest into 2 units Warehouses for coils Storage – An alternative investment for Drivers fatigue solution.

Warehouses capacity is 16,200 sq. Meter, capable for 9,000 coils space or 53,000 tons. Handling coils with 8 units overhead cranes. Warehouses activities are under WMS – Warehouse Management System for all movement of NS BlueScope products such as receiving process, despatch and storage all are under control in the system.

9,700 square meters of operation space

AST Warehouse No.1

Over Head Crane 4 Units
Crane  25 tons  1 unit
Crane  16 tons  3 units

Storage Carpacity
6,068 coils
27,306 tons
8,500 Sq.m

Ground Baering
50 Tons/Sq.m

6,600 square meters of operation space

AST Warehouse No.2

Over Head Crane 4 Units
Crane  32 tons  1 unit
Crane  16 tons  3 units

Storage Carpacity
4,384 coils
25,832 tons
4,968 Sq.m

Ground Baering
50 Tons/Sq.m

Safety Management


  • Safety helmet with chin strap
  • Long-sleeved shirt and trousers, or industrial uniforms
  • Reflective cloak
  • Safety shoes
  • Protective gloves (additional for driver)

Safety Management

Safely for work at height

Working on the truck desk

AST requires the use of a guard rail. When having to work on the truck desk.

Working with safety has always been our core policy

Safety Management

Work according to customer standard

  • AST Warehouse sets the load-restrain standard that meets the highest demands of customers
  • Safety requirements are set up and posted on a board in the workspace to keep employees aware at all times

Inventory Management

Horizontal Coil Storage

  • Define a SOP for a detailed workflow. To ensure efficient storage of products
  • Roll-stop system used for horizontal coil storage
  • The arrangement of the single-layer, double-layer coil meets the requirements of international standards
  • Corridors and work areas are clearly separated