Safety is the first thing to DO

AST’s Safety Policy / Procedure

AST recognize its safety duties under the Land transport Law and the Work Health and Safety Act to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its employees and the safety of its transport activities


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Asia steel transport (1999) Co., Ltd

Safety, Occupational Health and Working Environment Policy

Asia steel transport (1999) Co., Ltd is committed to take care of safety, occupational health and working environment, and promote the effective implementation of company plans, business operations and various activities in the shipping process, by consider safety, occupational health and working environment both within the corporate community and stakeholder engagement the company has established a policy of safety, occupational health and working environment as follows:

    1. Management of safety, occupational health and working environment
    2. Prepare and maintain the management system of safety, occupational health and working environment to achieve excellence, including improving the management system continuously
    3. Commitment in the prevention and/or implement controls to eliminate or reduce the impact from the results of the identification and assessment of risk in occupational safety, health and working environment appropriately
    4. Promote knowledge, understanding, awareness and participation in management and project safety, occupational health and working environment for the personnel in the organization and the contractor
    5. Strengthen communication and dissemination of information in occupational safety, health and working environment to the personnel in community organizations and government agencies
    6. Supply and support adequate resources and appropriate
    7. Reviewing and monitoring the policy management system and the project periodically

The company considered the policy and management of safety, occupational health and working environment is an important duty of the senior management, immediate supervisor, and all employees must strictly

Promulgated at. November 10, 2018

GPS Control

Rest hour monitoring 24 hours, control speed limit on red zone, and assistant when transporting.

Cleaning Station

Clean the transport vehicle when the driver rest.

Annual Health Check

Arrange an annual health check to ensure that the physical condition of the staff is healthy and ready to work.

Truck Repair Shop

Provide a repair point to replace parts for car maintenance when the driver rest.

Gas Station

Corporate gas stations to save travel time between fueling stations and in-house housing.

Fatigue Management Policy

  • Main
  • Top Management
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Employees / Drivers

     Asia Steel Transport (1999) Co., Ltd. is committed to the health and safety of all personnel and others impacted by our work activities. The purpose of this policy is to protect the health and safety of Asia Steel Transport (1999) Co., Ltd. employees and others by restricting company drivers from operating vehicles while impaired by fatigue.
     This policy applies to all company employees and outlines responsibilities for top management, managers/supervisors and employees/ driver. While not all employees will be affected by fatigue in the same manner, studies have shown that fatigue may lead to:

    • Reduced concentration
    • Impaired coordination
    • Compromised judgment
    • Slower reaction times.

All company employees must know the signs of fatigue and how to recognize them, how fatigue can affect a driver’s ability to safely operate a vehicle, and what actions can be taken to manage fatigue.

Promulgated at. August 15, 2019

Top Management Responsibilities

• Knowledge management to Employees about fatigue and impact;
• Monitor and review all of the fatigue management program to ensure all area comply and keep on policy and procedures
• Training about Fatigue management and update course outline.
• Supply and Support activities of Fatigue Management to Leader team, Employees and Drivers;
• Health check for new recruitment process of new drivers about physical check, blood test, heart check, optical measurement etc., and new drivers must have got result PASS: good condition.
• Yearly Health check to all drivers and result must be base on the comment of the doctor on health check which health check result will be consider in this group: Epilepsy, Diabetes, Sugar level, Color blindness, etc.,

Managers and Supervisors Responsibilities

• Implement a risk management of Fatigue Management by consultation with staff
• Comply all of Fatigue Management by appropriate rosters, overtime practices, adequate of rest hour and driving hours.
• Monitoring to team about truck planning, long distance, short distance and drivers physical check to ensure employees not risk from fatigue by daily, weekly and monthly monitor.
• Providing information and Consult, instruction and training about fatigue behavior, how to prevent risk? Manage shift driving, working hour / rest hour, and stop to work when found bad condition.
• Implement KPIs Fatigue Management and report to Top management.

Employees/Drivers Responsibilities

• Complete & Complies in Fatigue Management Course Training.
• Manage fit to work by keep on rest hour as regulation. Report actual condition to supervisor when found sick or bad condition.
• Comply all driver physical check, Truck inspection sheet, Driving log sheet day by day.

Safety Organization Structure



Establishes senior management commitment to continually improve safety. Defines methods and processes needed to meet safety goals.



Continuous hazard identification that results in risk management process to determine suitable control mechanisms.



Evaluate the continued effectiveness of implemented risk control strategies.



Includes training, communication and other actions to create a safety culture across all levels of the workforce.

Safety Improvement


Key Performance Indicator

Establish key performance indicator (KPI) and safety standard for customers requirement, to deliver the desired results

    • Safety activities implement plan

Commitment Of Responsibilities

Management of responsibilities

    • Safety Policy and Responsibilities
    • Developing Standard Operation Procedures (SOP)


Corrective And Improvement

Root causes of such issues are investigated, found and eliminated by modifying the process. Risk is re-evaluated

    • Training

Safety Audit

Create a development audit for work

    • Measure and track the performance of the solution
    • Review and analyze the results


Driver Fatigue Eliminate Solution

Place of residence


Having accommodation within the company premises, It saves travel time

Place of cleanliness

Cleaning Plant

Provide the facility and crew to clean the transportation truck while the driver rest

Place of refueling


Build the company’s petrol pump for the convenience and speed of refueling

Place of inventory


Double Warehouse Distributor, More storage and loading points equals more time savings

Place of technology


GPS Control Room was set up. Track transport, speed control, and driver rest schedule 24 hours a day

Place of innovation

DMA – Application

Driver Monitoring and Assignment is a redesigned application for enhancing logistics and personnel management of our company